Patience is a virtue, I guess.

I’m an impatient person, I fully admit it. Getting into the booze game is complicated enough but where it really goes into slo-mo is with our illustrious governmental agencies. One thing for sure, bureaucratic malaise aside, Uncle Sam is still afraid of Absinthe. Ain’t that a bitch! Fully legal since 2007, plenty of American producers who all had to file with the TTB, and they are still worried you’re going to put too much wormwood in your product. I had to send them and entire 750ml bottle so they could “test” it–yeah right. I hope the testers get bring the leftovers home! Had to send it as “olive oil” because of course you can’t ship flammable liquid, unless you have a facility up and running already. Ugh.

So the back and forth with the TTB continues. When they are finally satisfied we’ll finalize our label and submit that to them. God knows how that process will go–some of my friends in the business have had to endure lots of ridiculousness and delays in this phase. When we get approved we’ll bottle, open up the tasting room and get some stock to the NH Liquor Commission for test sales. I’m guessing that we are looking at the fall before we have cleared all the hurdles. BTW our tasting room will be in the old Sea Hagg space on Rt. 1 in North Hampton. We’ll letcha know details when we have them.

So please send your good vibes, well-wishes and some prayers. I suspect we’ll need’em. Happy to answer any questions, just hit the Contact tab. Logo’ed shirts, dresses and other assorted swag available now, hit the Merch tab. Hang in there, that’s what we’re trying to do.